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energy_management.pngVending Technology

Corporate Chefs uses Vendmiser sensors on the cold beverage machines. This device senses when usage is slow and will power down the refrigeration and the lights to the machine. The machine will cycle the cooler at measured intervals and run full cycles. The energy savings realized is 50%!!! with no sacrifice to quality.


Lamp Recycling

Corporate Chefs has partnered with Complete Recycling Solutions to recycle the lamps from our vending machines. CRS offers a recycling technology which separates mercury containing lamps into their main components, recovers the mercury, and recycles 100 percent of the end products. CRS has researched and obtained State of the Art lamp recycling equipment to ensure that all lamps are de-manufactured and all biproducts are recovered.

CRS can accept all types of mercury-bearing lamps including U-shaped and coated fluorescents, mercury vapor, high pressure sodium, metal halide, ultraviolet, ARC & compact fluorescent lamps.


LED Light Strips

  • LED lamp assembly replaces traditional fluorescents
  • No ballast required; saves you money on replacement and maintenance costs
  • 30 super bright LEDs in a square one-half inch clear tube
  • 5-year life expectancy, low power, low heat, mercury free; and energy savingslcd.png
  • LED lights have a typical life of 100,000 hours which is over 10 years
  • 20” length fits across door of vending machine
  • Connector matches existing machine plug that originally connected to the ballast assembly for easy and quick installation
  • Eliminates the need for a ballast; eliminating a source of noise (EMI) that can cause jackpotting
  • Magnetic backing – just place on wall of machine
  • A window cling decal is included to inform customers that energy efficient lighting is installed