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Green Cleaning


The products we use qualify under the U.S.Green Council's LEED program. They meet all the requirements to be considered environmentally preferable by definition.

Gojo Foaming Hand Soap: Help support a clean environment and with environmentally responsible packaging and formulas. Biodegradable formulas proven effective, yet mild enough for hand washing. Green Seal Certified.

Surety Glass & Surface Cleaner: A pH neutral and non-corrosive glass cleaner. Green Seal Certified.

Encapsulated Mechanical Warewash Detergent: Metal safe, versatile. Soft on metals. Great for high or low temperature washing. U.S EPA Certified.

In addition to using environmental-friendly chemicals, Corporate Chefs holds training seminars for management and hourly staff. The focus is on energy conservation, such as running the dishwasher only with full loads and only during peak cleaning periods. We also use automatic measuring dispensers to insure no "heavy handed" waste of product